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The Town of Goldenbridge

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The Town of Goldenbridge Empty The Town of Goldenbridge

Post  Beric of Goldenbridge on Sat Dec 28, 2013 1:06 pm

The late morning sun shines upon the clear water of a wide river as it winds its way south through the chalk hills of west Gevell. Among the farms and pastures, small buildings scatter the banks of the river, and the locals wander the streets, going about their daily business. The town is fairly spread out, but more dense around the various crossings, most notable of which is a grand bridge at the centre of the town, built from rigid stone bricks and decorated with polished brass fittings and decorations that sine like gold in the sunlight. On the western side of the bridge, a large chapel to the Earth Mother looks over the main square where townsfolk trade their wares at the farmer's market, while on the eastern side the grand spire of the Sun King temple stands opposite to the town hall and barracks as the clock tower bell rings out the hour.

A lone priest walks through the market, buying a basket of fresh bread, before crossing the grand bridge that gives the town its name. Greeting the townsfolk he passes with a brief smile and a nod, he approaches the Sun King temple, entering through the large, decorated doorway with its oaken doors wide open.
The high ceiling of the church is decorated with images of Kings and Queens being crowned on golden thrones, noble knights and heroes slaying foul dragons and other beasts, and demons being cast out of houses and people by shining angels. Banners of red and gold hang down the large stone pillars, matching the robes of the clergyman as he walks down the centre of the pews and up to the altar that stands below a grand painting of a bright sunburst on the ceiling. Disappearing through a small door marked 'Storeroom' to the left of the altar for a moment, the priest returns without the basket and checks the altar is in order, before engaging a few of the patrons in quiet conversation.
Beric of Goldenbridge
Beric of Goldenbridge

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