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The Earthbounds Rescue - The Ship With Golden Sails

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The Earthbounds Rescue - The Ship With Golden Sails Empty The Earthbounds Rescue - The Ship With Golden Sails

Post  Hans Yksin on Tue Jul 02, 2013 12:05 am

Hans stood in the hold of the great creaking Airship around him, leaning against a column in such a way as he was both hidden from the main entrance to the room and was within the shadow of said column. He was looking at the coffins of the Seekers they'd lost, one even having once been the Captain of the very ship they were flying out on, though Sasien had that duty now.

The long walk back with the corpses of their friends had not been one of talk, and the morose silence had settled over the ship since their return.

His hand slipped back toward his empty bottle of drink, then drawing back when he realised its lightness, sighing. His hand had not left his gun since their escape from the burning ruins, and his finger stroked the trigger in a methodical but tired fashion.

He felt so old, right now.
Hans Yksin
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