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Hilde von Brach

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Hilde von Brach Empty Hilde von Brach

Post  Scribbler on Thu Mar 07, 2013 4:18 am

Name: Hilde von Brach
Gender: Female
Age: ?
Group: Metsavartija Academy
Race: Human

Dark hair, braided out of the way for practicality.
Tends to favour warm clothes in natural colours, given that she spends a lot of time in the wilds.

A capable ranger, and handy with a sword, Hilde travels fast and light.
Often runs errands for the Metsavartija Academy.

Likes: Strategy, survival.
Dislikes: Invisible archers.

Defenders of Nexus
Brought a message to Ranger Leif, regarding his Grandfather.
Met with the Seekers Expedition, and led them to the portal of Nexus.
Helped defend them from bandits and mercenaries during her time among them.

The Enemy Within
Accompanied Princess Teya to Lord Pike's Estate, for the Draugr's wedding.
Assisted Her Lady with the Strategy Challenge of the Tournament.
It is rumoured that two individuals involved in a nearby tavern brawl on the night of All Secrets may have been Hilde and Princess Teya, but there is no existing proof of this claim. In any case, no trace was found of them at the scene.

Strangers in a Strange Land
Summoned to Dar'Ethendiir to investigate unusual reports of foreigners in the Elven lands.
Noticed Leif was acting strangely. Warned that he was dangerous, she seeks Johann's opinion.
Hilde goes missing overnight, feared dead. The Seekers are attacked by beastmen, and the forest itself seems to be working against the Guild. The Elven rangers work with them to find the cause.
Leif leads a ritual of terrible power, and attacks his comrades, murdering the Spirit Seeker's First, leaving several for dead, and vanishes into the night as a stronger, darker being.
Von Brach is found, broken and bloodied on the edge of camp, but alive. Tended overnight, she insists she must warn the Academy of Leif's treachery, and leaves for home.

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