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Captain Seamus Cloudbreaker

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Captain Seamus Cloudbreaker Empty Captain Seamus Cloudbreaker

Post  Beric of Goldenbridge on Wed Oct 17, 2012 5:02 am

Birth Name: Seamus O'Malley
Gender: Male.
Age: <Unknown>
Group: -
Race: Tionese Human

Eyes: Hazel.
Hair: Brown, medium length, often appears windswept from prolonged voyages.
Clothing: Usually seen in a plain cotton shirt, brown leather trousers and scruffy leather coat. Carries his weapons on a chunky black belt over his shirt and other equipment in a black suede satchel. Almost never seen without his trademark tricorn hat. His left hand is always gloved

Weaponry: On his right hip he carried a rather plain dagger, an exotic pistol and sapping rod. On his left he wears a custom-made rapier. Although not renowned for his strength, he has been known to break limbs by merely gripping them. After a rather strange encounter with the Fae Queen of Change, Seamus lost all these weapons and gained a spear.

Character Notes:
Born to a relatively poor family in western Tion, Seamus grew up in the trading village of Broadcross on the eastern bank of a river that marks the border between Hill Dwarf and Tionese territory. From a young age he became fascinated with the technology and riches of the nearby Dwarf Clanholds, while his older brother Shaun studied in religion and magic. It was the dwarves that first taught Seamus how to operate a pistol, and as a nameday gift one year the local weaponsmith gave Seamus his first flintlock.
The next day Seamus left his home in the hours before dawn, hitching a lift with a passing trading caravan bound for the new capital, Dun Pennot. The people of this caravan taught the young Seamus how to handle himself in combat, and even educated him in map making. Once in Dun Pennot, Seamus immediately became fixated with the sea, convinced that its open waters and endless possibilities were calling for him to travel the world. Overconfident and drunk on the smell of sea-salt, he climbed the scaffold supporting a dockside loading crane by a small trading vessel called "The Hopeful Puffin" and tested his weight on one of the ropes. Without even thinking about the consequences, Seamus swung towards the ship, aiming to land on deck and blend in with the crew. Unfortunately, in his haste, he missed the deck and broke through a window into the captain's cabin. With the element of surprise on his side, Seamus shot the startled captain in the leg and knocked him unconscious with the butt of his flintlock. Adrenaline coursing thrugh his veins, he took the captain's sword, coat and hat, and dumped the limp man out of the broken window. He then strolled out onto the deck and told his new crew to set sail for Dar'Suliss.

After being recruited into the Guild of Seekers, the Captain set out on his first assignment ferrying a group of seekers to the Free Isles to recover the treasure of the notorious (but presumed dead) Captain Treadgold. Seamus did little to help find the treasure, but found that his pistol was exceedingly effective at destroying the weak undead that plagued the island. After a shaman discovered that Treadgold's spirit was still active in a strange statue, Seamus, with his engineering knowledge, identified it as a mechanical construct and set about repairing the golem pirate with the help of the shaman's earth magic. The re-awakened captain then stormed through the seekers' camp, before conversing briefly with Seamus, in which it became apparent that Treadgold's sanity had waned over the years of being stuck as a statue. Treadgold later returned to reclaim his treasure, but was frozen once more by a Norn mage. In the random chaos that ensued, Seamus obtained the captains enchanted blade, but lost a crew member. The rest of his crew presumably drowned after his ship was sunk by a mysterious ship with yellow sails.

On his return to Dun Pennot, Seamus founded a guild of mercenaries with fellow seekers Johann Draugr and Divah Lunus, and became the Captain of the newly designed airship "The Earthbound's Rescue" while improving on his knowledge of mechanics and History.

On his second assignment, Captain Seamus transported a group of seekers to the remote Prospero valley in northen Amrania. While on this assignment, the captain engaged in much conversation with Bradwyr Amlwyg, apprentice to the renowned toymaker Ivor Periant, who allowed Seamus to visit his private workshop. Amlwyg, rumoured to be a darkling, was later killed in the golem battlesuit of his own design, with which he intended to cause untold death and chaos to Amrania. Seamus still argues that he was a decent bloke. The captain also made some sort of deal with the strange fish-man Dende. In return for helping kill a necromancer that had killed one of the fish-man's 'horde', Seamus received an old scroll that turned out to be a map. No-one seemed to care, as Seamus was the only one able to understand the seemingly random lines on the yellowed parchment.

Consequentially, Seamus changed his surname to Cloudbreaker on account of his increasing fame and unique mode of transport.

On his most recent assignment, the sky captain and his fellow seekers were enlisted to protect the Queen of Lanet at her summer retreat in the Sangterre region. As a captain of note, Seamus was not only allowed to attend an audience with the Queen and other noteworthy Seekers, but was also allowed to dine with them in the evening. Over this meal, the queen enlisted him to scout over Shuru to provide evidence for or against rumoured Darkling armies. The search result was negative, but there were signs around the coast of a fleet of the returning Aurikai's golden-sailed ships. Due to this, Seamus now has a deep hatred of the gold faced religious extremists. Following this assignment, Seamus has spent a good deal of time in the country's capital, Montrouge, acting as privateer for the queen and training further.

In the wake of this assignment, the guild of mercenaries has dissolved into smaller groups of adventurers, while Seamus has gone on to carry out more privateer work with a few of his close friends.

Travelled through the spirit world and underworld in order to defend the Norn of the Nexus from their Darkling kin, killing one himself amid the chaos brought by the Fae of the Wyld Hunt. Their leader, the Horned King, slew Ser Johann Draugr and Lady Lydja Eriksdottir, who were then rescued from an underworld prison alongside the Celstial known as "The Exile."

Participated in a series of games held by Lord Pike of Gevell, winning the scout competition due to his "unique" interpretations of the rules, as well as winning the mixed fours melee alongside Robere Eberstark, Shaun O'Malley and the Lady Briana of the Tempest Knights.

On the latest assignment to the ruins of Marmaram in south-west Shuru, many strange things happened. Seamus was nearly put on trial for various crimes against Falcon house, however this was resolved when Aurikai charged the Seekers and the Fae Queen of Change shifted history to avoid such a catastrophe, making Seamus her mortal agent in the process. This allowed Seamus to assist the Bishop Edward Williamson after being stripped of all power by the Emissary Rain. The Exile returned, offering the ex-bishop the chance to lead a new church, provided the Celestial was ascended to Godhood. With the help of Seamus, Lidja, Hans and Syren, as well as the Celestial Trade, the Holy man assisted The Exile into becoming the Spirit Seeker and hopefully balancing the 'broken' pantheon. Following the actions of a group of ghosts echoing their final days, a mysterious lantern-like device appeared, rumored to be capable of ending the terrible hauntings of the city. However, when the ritual led by Seamus to find out how to activate the device failed, a series of earthquakes began to destroy what remained of the ancient city. This also awoke a group of powerful ghouls, one of whom cut down Seamus. The unexpected nature of this assault as well as the lack of preparation by the seekers led to Seamus's death.

Once was able to operate pistols and other mechanical devices, however lost this knowledge after striking a deal with the Shrouded Queen. Not known for his combat prowess, he strikes more effectively from surprise, but prefers to avoid combat altogether. His ability to read and makes maps gives him the potential to be a capable tactician, but he doesn't seem to have any aspirations of commanding any force larger than a handful of close companions. Also has a great understanding of history and can find hidden information surrounding objects of interest with relative ease. Following his Fae pact he became attuned to the spirit world, able to both see and summon spirits.

Likes: Machinery, explosives, discoveries, flying, being spontaneous, staying ahead of his foes, his hat.
Dislikes: Unnecessary direct combat, losing his hat, being forced against his will, being outwitted.

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Beric of Goldenbridge
Beric of Goldenbridge

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Captain Seamus Cloudbreaker Empty Re: Captain Seamus Cloudbreaker

Post  Scribbler on Thu Oct 25, 2012 5:38 am

Syuzanna remembers the Captain's pride and confidence.
Also noted is his method of transportation- this is a subject of curiousity.
She looks forward to the chance to perhaps speak with him about his flying ship in the future.

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Captain Seamus Cloudbreaker Empty Re: Captain Seamus Cloudbreaker

Post  Scribbler on Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:37 pm

Tree for an arm!

Won part of the tournament at Lord Pike's Estate.

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Captain Seamus Cloudbreaker Empty Re: Captain Seamus Cloudbreaker

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