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Hans Yksin

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Post  Hans Yksin on Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:36 pm

Name: Hans Yksin
Gender: Male.
Age: <Unknown>
Group: Nordman/Volkrime
Race: Amranian Human

Eyes: Brown close to the Iris, green around the rim. As to why this is, unknown.
Hair: Dark brown, usually shaggy and unkept.
Clothing: While having a penchant for the shadier colours, the Masquerade depicted him as wearing dark black trousers, a green woolen top and a orange leather fur jacket. He also wore an old-style belt, leather fingerless gloves and a bandolier.
<Clothing to be revised. New information suggests different ensemble.>

Weaponry: Commonly carries two Pistols in holsters at his waist. Also carries two far smaller and far more concealed pistols which he keeps in his gloves. May carry a dagger in a sheathe in his bandolier. Rarely carries a sword. While in exceedingly dangerous situations, is known to wear an odd ring.

Character Notes:
Known to have a marked hatred of Sudmen nobility, as his mother was apparently wrongly convicted and executed for being a necromancer by a Sudman Duke. Said Duke is now deceased, but the hatred is still fresh.
Linked with many cases of Breaking and Entering and Theft of Property, but never convicted, Yksin became a Nord Lawman after leaving the Tionese Engineering College, following in the footsteps of his father, who died during his engineering education. Yksin never really did anything of note within the Inquisitors, but his colleges have spoken highly of his arrest count, even if they have less than stellar comments on his personality.

During the events of Prospero Valley, Yksin attempted to help the Crown Princess arrest a rebellious Jarl, who was subsequently killed following his resistance. He also survived the battle against a new Golem-type, which was summarily destroyed following some meddling with its power system. Summarily met a very white sparkly lady who he took an immediate distrust to, even without actually knowing why. He attributed it to Paranoia. Escaped Prospero prior to it's encompassing by the freezing winds and snow.

At the Lanetian Queen's Masquerade in Sangterre, Yksin showed promise. While unable to do anything to stop the frequent attacks of the Assassin, he built relationships with his fellow Seekers, partook in (And won) The Queen's game, and recovered an unknown artifact. Also dealt with the Norn alongside Captain Seamus O'Malley for an unknown item. Summarily also fought in the fiasco that became the Merc Guild's embarrassment of the event, and revived an ally druid (Sergeant Divah Lunus) in time to recuperate the battle. Was also blamed for the finding of Lanetian Greyhound puppies in the woods of Sangterre and forced to work in the Lanetian Kennels for a week. Accusation apparently leveled by a 'Dende Blackfin', who summarily also poisoned Yksin. No method of retaliation has been shown.

Participated in the Scouting Challenge that occurred at Lord Pike's estate, and insists that he came second, with Lars last and Seamus first due to seemingly having a completely different set of memories than most of the other Seekers, despite records showing Seeker O'Malley never participated and Seeker Lars coming first. He was also seen in deep discussion with a Vampire and led off into the night by shady characters, the events thereafter until his return remain known only to him. However, during the events of the night, Seeker Yksin had his soul torn out of his body, and proceeded to attempt to correct the imbalance of the planes while he entrusted his body to his allies. This lead to him fighting and killing a werewolf alongside Seeker Metsavartija in the Spirit World. Still has the claws from this encounter. Also has knowledge pertaining to the presence of <redacted>, namely that he is <redacted>. Has not shared this knowledge with anyone.

While on the mission to Marmaram in Shuru, Seeker Yksin encouraged repeated perimeter checks, these subsequently gave forewarning of Basilisk and Ghoul attacks. He also participated in negotiations with the Aurikai Lord Protector, and alongside his fellow negotiators decided that the best course of action was to have their superiors come and negotiate with the newcomers. He also claims that he has only just been given the second magical gun, despite records showing he has always had the weapons, and claims that Seeker O'Malley had the second, despite records showing said Captain has never had the skill to wield the weapon. Following the death of Seeker Lars and disarmament of the Falcon House representative, is now also in possession of the Knocking Rod. Seeker Yksin also brought in an Ancient console alongside Seeker Thornberry, despite the destruction of the area. Is also reported to have survived a Ghoul ambush while alone, and succeeding in breaking back through the Ghoul line with his search party while taking only one casualty, which he faults himself for. Subsequently also saved Seeker Brigantes life during the skirmish. Yksin also participated in the inauguration and creation of a new god, known as the Spirit Seeker, despite supposedly having just eaten a celestial. Consequences of this are unknown. Yksin also owes Trade a small favour, such as an errand or an introduction. Part of the deal included the promise that whatever she decided the favour would be, it would not get him killed. Purity also attempted to make a Soul Pact with Seeker Yksin, who subsequently shut down the idea immediately, and also argued with him following Purity's act of spitting on his Vampire ally. Managed to have multiple discussions with Glory. Seeker Yksin's interactions with Celestials are something to be watched extremely carefully. Also known to have knocked Seeker Lidja Draugr unconscious before she could participate in a ritual, at the behest of her husband and her guard. Fought in the final battle, and nearly fell trying to punch a hole back through the Ghoul line alone, to open a path to safety. Was saved by ex-Father Williamson, who mended his shattered leg and covered him as he forced his way back through the line to get support, and then covered the Seeker's escape.

While analytical of the ramifications of his actions, it appears he doesn't really care unless it affects himself or something he cares about in any meaningful way. He prefers to solve problems without violence, but has no qualms about using underhanded and manipulative methods if he deems it necessary. To others, he appears cold and abrasive, often coming across as completely nonchalant towards the actions or opinions of others. He only ever gives away his information if he gets something just as valuable in return, and often calculates even seemingly the slightest details into any plan he may develop.

Master Pistol user, Yksin is capable of firing a pair of pistols at the range only rifles have been known to reach accurately, while simultaneously hitting his target in it's weak areas, dealing a high amount of damage with each shot. It is ill-advised to engage him at range.
Other skills have not shown to be apparent as of yet, but analysis of his use of odd ring shows a strange ability to heal and strengthen himself using others strength.

Likes: Mead, Guns, More guns, Peace and Quiet, Shadows, Information.
Dislikes: Idiots, being tied down, pointless fighting, people getting in his way, Lack of information.

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Hans Yksin
Hans Yksin

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Hans Yksin Empty Re: Hans Yksin

Post  Scribbler on Thu Oct 25, 2012 5:36 am

Syuzanna admires the Human's honesty and quick witted thinking.
She also appreciates his open mindedness, considering his fairly simple choice in trusting her when others did not.
She looks forward to perhaps getting to know him better in the future, and perhaps reward him.

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