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Divah Lunus, King of Sparkles

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Divah Lunus, King of Sparkles Empty Divah Lunus, King of Sparkles

Post  Sparkles on Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:34 am

Name: Divah Lunus
Gender: Divah
Sex: Male (?)
Age: 17
Group: Black Library (ex-Mercenary, ex-Valkur)
Race: Elf (Wintertouched)

Green shimmering cape, face covering, black tabbard with blue trim and a Blue Diamond armband Green robes and black satchel with potions
Brown hair, purple eyes (IC)
Book of Shadows, Book of Resonance; almost-hyperspace bags of holding for potions, bandages and more.

Wields Glitterfist, a sparkling flanged mace.
Owner of several swords, including Pazitel na Senkite.

A capable Cleric, Master Druid and collector of knowledge. Slowly showing more grim personality traits as time passes, erratic behaviour when brewing, casting or around the general presence of excessive magicks.

Likes: Experiments, Seekrits, Sparkles, Bitter irony.
Dislikes: *stricken from the records*

Treadgold Island - ?

First foray in to the seekers' guild with the Valkur, a messy and disorganised warband that fell apart fairly quickly, spent most of his time in conversation or resting from the fatigue of a long sea voyage.

Encountered three mysterious locals now believed to be hags, receiving a string of interesting potions.

Prospero Valley - Amrania

Sea sickness alleviated by airship travel on Xenos' first aviation device, touched down in a lush valley surrounded by ice fields, near a small hamlet maintained by golems. Search for the Toymaker ends in finding the man with a severely reduced mental capacity, also a golem.

An act of kindness returning a songbook reveals two priceless tomes which are hidden away and rushed to the library.
A healer by the name Syuzanna is brutally murdered by the rest of the Seekers, revealing a third tome.
A total of four are recovered for the Library's use.
Encounters with an excessively sparkly woman introduced later as the White Queen are associated with mysterious flashes of light that occurred throughout the expedition.
A series of new potions are broken down to their uses and components, expanding the Seekers' knowledge of potion lore across the board to those who would read.

Sangterre - Lanet

Divah is denied the right to study with the Norn on the grounds that he's "Too Overpowered" (totally not bitter  Mad ) and spends a large period of time in discussion with Father Edward while making potions.

Against his advice, a ritual takes place in the time he's preoccupied, resulting in some strange side-effects for the reporter accompanying them. Further research is expected to take place regarding another incident with him that followed.

Syuzanna is confirmed as undead, walking among the seekers as a vampire. The Queen of Lanet doesn't die, the same can't be said for almost everyone around her though... A legendary dance instructor of the humans is seen to be slain by an assassin most notably there was much human weeping at their loss.

Nexus - everywhere

Loss of Prince Aaron of Gevell due to unforeseen circumstances, refused the right to save the politically key individual in lieu of Ser Draugr, his wife and a Maldaenis whom has had the dark arts removed entirely from him.

Intensive study into the Norn glyph system begins, racing against a Baelnorn assassin intent on eliminating their own kind, it appeared. Assassin was tracked down and disarmed of her equipment.

Lord Pike's Estate - Gevell

Racist human benefactors, traitorous elves and copious game rigging, Furin earns endurance talisman.

World planes split and realigned by mysterious storyteller with seeker aid, earning gifts from Lord Pike, handed over with no apparent pleasure by the fallen elf.

Marmaram - Shuru

Potion research into holy water and Trolls' Blood

Father Edward Williamson stripped of his rank, conveniently a new god, once 'The Exile' comes to power using him. Williamson displays great increase in strength

Seamus O'Malley also given strength by supernatural means, changes course of history and professes to be the grand master of all knowledge, antagonistic over alternate realities.

Leif Metsavartija <Spoilers>

Wolves' conflict with the Shuruti nobility, Sheika Aaliyah Al-Nasrulah escapes under turbulence and group discord over how to deal with her.

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Divah Lunus, King of Sparkles Empty Re: Divah Lunus, King of Sparkles

Post  Scribbler on Thu Oct 25, 2012 5:28 am

Syuzanna admires the Elf's persistence in his quest for knowledge.
Clearly he serves the Wise One well, and has chosen a path that suits him.
She looks forward to the chance to hold intellectual and theoretical discussion with him in the future.

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