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Post  Scribbler on Mon Oct 15, 2012 10:54 pm

So I'm making a nuisance of myself again!

I've got this idea that I'd like to try out, mostly as a point of reference, but I think it could be useful for a few things.

You may've noticed that I've made a thread for each of the characters I'm currently playing.
This is mostly so I can remind myself who they are, and what their interests are.
(And what they look like, I suppose, as I couldn't remember with Sparkeye. Razz )

I was thinking it might be handy to have these for your characters too-
You'd be in charge of what went into them, obviously, but it might help people get more of a grip on who they are, especially those who they might not have met. (Looking at you, David/Soars-with-Moonlight!)
I'm not saying you should put up your life story (though if you've got one, that's cool too) or any "secret" / too specific information. No-one needs to know exactly what skill tree your character has or how many points you're worth. (Except maybe MerC. /shrug)

There is of course another reason why I might want you guys to post character descriptions in an easy to find place...

While vaguely on that, I just wanted to point at this:
Captain Seamus O'Malley wrote:"Hans! The jar! I can't get a clear shot, you're better at this than me! Shoot it!"
Seamus continues running after the rapidly appearing and disappearing celestial.
Hans Yksin wrote:Hans grabs the pistol, turning in a practiced motion and fireing at the Jar while Trade jingles it, the bullet slams into it dead on, sending it scittering out of Trade's grip
"Damn straight I'm a better shot."

...and say: This is a brilliant example of using IC banter rather than OOC terminology.

Keep up the good work.

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