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Xyx, of the Kallia Celestials

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Xyx, of the Kallia Celestials Empty Xyx, of the Kallia Celestials

Post  Scribbler on Sat Oct 06, 2012 10:04 pm

Name: "Xyx" Also responds to "Fire Spirit", "Chaos" or "Umm...?". Also referred to by many insulting titles by the Axiom known as Duty.
Gender: Appears to be Female.
Age: Impossible to tell. Celestials are generally accepted to be beings born of specific concepts, and therefore could have existed for centuries.
Group: -
Race: Celestial - Kallia

Thus far, Xyx has appeared to members of the Guild of Seekers as a Human-like female.
It seems as though wears a mask, though there is speculation that this could just be her chosen face.
She is often found wearing a trailing black velvet coat, the hem of which is rumoured to be lined with sparks or fire.
Long dark hair, fairly pale skin, and a habit of appearing near open flames.
No-one is sure what colour this being's eyes are, as they have a tendency to change.
When introducing herself Xyx stands tall and proudly, and has a flair for the dramatic.
There have been reports of strange effects on those in her company for a prolonged period of time, but these have not yet been harmful and have so far worn off with time and/or sufficient distance.

Proud and spirited, appreciates attention.
Approves of curiousity and questions, yet will often give vague or mysterious answers.
May talk in circles, can be quite cryptic in conversation.
Though she herself showed no particular dislike of Duty, he was certainly not keen on her.

Likes: Games, puzzles, fire.
Dislikes: Rules, demands, rudeness.

The Secret of Treadgold's Treasure
The Seekers first met the mysterious "Fire Spirit" at their campsite on Treadgold Island.
She was curious to know more about them, their quest, and followed their actions with interest.
Over the course of their stay on the island, the Celestial (whom they then named Chaos) gave them several hints and clues to solve puzzles with varying levels of success, healed several of their number after various attacks by Zombies and other creatures, and generally messed with their heads.

Gevell - The Enemy Within
Appeared with the Celestial known as Trade in a flash of explosion and a crash of smoke.
Greeted the Seekers as old friends and new.
On being accused of losing her marbles, proved otherwise by producing an entire pouch of them.
When it was pointed out that a safe place isn't always useful if you can't find it, has entrusted several members of the Guild to look after some of them for her.
Was fascinated and amused by a dwarf's beard, and put it on top of his head to see what it would look like.
He took the inconvenience well, and his request was so reasonable in tone, that she agreed to put it back.

Discussed a deal with Leif, involving ankle-nostrils and seeing stones.
Also spoke to John Tanner, regarding his hand crushing.
Was mysteriously absent during the shifting of the planes.
It was mentioned that she gone to swim in the clouds as 63 sky-fish, to better attract a lightning strike.
Though it was also suggested that perhaps she had broken reality.

Shuru - The Ship with Golden Sails

Dar'Ethendiir - Strangers in a Strange Land
After whispering warnings to the Seekers, but fearing to appear to them in the day, a cloaked and hooded  Xyx reluctantly arrives after sunset. Her message is disturbingly clear- The Unconquered Sun is angered, and is coming to destroy them all, especially Draugr and Yksin, as they were both involved with the Lord Protector, who has since seen the true light. Unconquered blames the Seekers Guild for his disloyalty, and has come to see to it they shan't meddle any further.
Hoping her warning may save them, Xyx then disappears.

The next day, this are starting to look serious when some other familiar Celestials arrive, ready for battle. Trade, Purity, Duty, Glory, and Hero, a brave but inexperienced aspect. Amid the confusion, Xyx seems to be struggling to control her power, and attempts to keep burning it off by healing the injured, and empowering the others with her strength. This at least helps to keep them alive, but has the unfortunate side affect of her Word, worst of all in Purity- on all except Hans.
Strangely the sharpshooter seems entirely unaffected.
This is not to last, however, as after Xyx leaves, the next time Confusion manifests, it is with him as it's vessel.

All the while, Unconquered's forces attack, and she herself grows closer. It is not going well, these Aurikai are unnaturally strong and resilient, empowered by the essence of the Unconquered Sun, and even the Celestials are struggling.
Then, everything stops.
She is here.
Roaring her rage at their interference, she raises her sword to the heavens, blackening the sky as she draws the power of the sun itself into her weapon.
The blade flashes down, the blast to come surely would destroy all in it's path- when the swing is stopped.
Xyx stands before her, the sword caught in her struggling grip, and for an instant, she holds it back.
Then follows the blast, and Xyx is gone.
Unconquered, greatly weakened by her efforts, leaves.

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