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Syuzanna, Herald of the Vampire Lords

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Syuzanna, Herald of the Vampire Lords Empty Syuzanna, Herald of the Vampire Lords

Post  Scribbler on Wed Jul 25, 2012 7:54 am

Name: Magyar Syuzanna
Gender: Female.
Age: -
Group: Estemen of Volkengrad Herald of the Vampire Lords
Race: Human Vampire

Black coat, blue cloak, fuzzy hat, red round lens spectacles.
Brown hair and eyes. Hair tied up beneath hat.
Belt with leather purse for warrants, reagents, notes.
Carries no obvious weaponry.

Decapitated corpse, bloodied black coat, ruined blue cloak, muddy hat, cracked red round lens spectacles.
Brown hair and dead eyes. Hair loose after hat fell off the head having been thrown into the undergrowth.
Belt with looted leather purse, no warrants, reagents, notes.

Black coat, no fuzzy hat, no red round lens spectacles.
Unkempt loose brown hair and hungry eyes.
Belt with leather purse for warrants, reagents, notes.
Carries no obvious weaponry. Obvious pointed fangs.

In life, a capable Cleric and Mage, Syuzanna seemed patriotic, serving her Lord loyally and well.
It is unknown how her new situation may have affected this. It is thought that being murdered may change one's priorities.
She enjoys study, learning and conversation, and speaks with an obvious Volkengrad accent.

Likes: Blood, secrets, vengeance.
Dislikes: Dende Blackfin.

Prospero Valley, Amrania
The Magyar Syuzanna, Human Amranian Cleric/Mage, advisor to her Lord.
A day of speaking with the various rebels of Amrania, and members of the Guild of Seekers.
An enjoyable conversation on Theology with a Shaman of the Arikara.
A night of staying close to the campfire, and healing the victims of a werewolf attack!

Frozen solid by a strange phenomenon, so very cold.
A member of the wolf tribe returns her stolen belongings, but for a missing book.
Paralysed and brutally attacked, then swiftly executed.
Decapitated body thrown into the woods to rot...

Sangterre Woodlands, Lanet
A woman matching Syuzanna's description arrives late into the evening. It becomes clear that this individual is Undead- a Vampire.
Short discussion with members of the Guild of Seekers, before becoming quite interested in a particular individual. Hans Yskin carries a strong scent of particularly intoxicating blood...he offers to lead Syuzanna to the Ritual Circle, promising that there is more, and he'd rather that she had that than his own.
Four of his companions from the Guild accompany them to the site.
One of these is Cecil Osthorpe, a reporter from the Epitaph, with a strange condition- his life's time has been turned to sand.
The five follow her to the circle, where she becomes entranced by the sacrificial cauldron.

Morning breaks, the five Seekers awake unharmed, and each a warrant richer.
Each of them beheld a strange dream that night outside the circle, though they speak little.
Cecil finds his bandage has been unwrapped and tied neatly back again.
He also finds a small vial of a dark red liquid, and a note...

It is later discovered that this blood was from an Aurikai sacrifice...

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Syuzanna, Herald of the Vampire Lords Empty Re: Syuzanna, Herald of the Vampire Lords

Post  Sparkles on Wed Jul 25, 2012 10:57 am

Confirmed to be an excellent healer capable of defeating the most stubborn poisons, as demonstrated on a since vanished amnesiac dwarf. Such skills have since been pursued by Divah, in the absence of effective poison curing for the Seekers' Guild divisions dispatched to Treadgold Island, Prospero and Sangterre, in which most deployments have involved poisons.

Paralysis venom confirmed through discussion to be unsuitable as a local anaesthetic for more intensive surgeries on patients; such venom from the Tritoni peoples appears not to affect the nerves, but still renders the muscles (to be confirmed) useless.


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Syuzanna, Herald of the Vampire Lords Empty Re: Syuzanna, Herald of the Vampire Lords

Post  Scribbler on Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:29 am

Gevell - The Enemy Within
While travelling with Lady Jubilee Rose and her charges, one of them, Althea Rosegate, requests a detour-
She wishes to attend the festivities occurring at the house of Lord Pike, part of which a celebration of All Secrets Night- but more importantly perhaps to her- the wedding of her daughter. Upon hearing the name of the bride and groom, Syuzanna agrees that this could be a good opportunity. Jubilee Rose allows the request, and they arrive at the Lord's door not long into the evening.

After introducing her Lady and party to those gathered, Syuzanna makes her way around the room, pleased to see some familiar faces- and meeting quite a few new ones too.
Cecil Osthorpe. Hans Yskin. Divah Lunus. Sasien Tan'Dell.
Meaning to come back to these conversations, but being sidetracked for sometime by Erik Varvinden, and his lectures of the evils of her existence, it wasn't long before strange things caught up with the Seekers, as often does. At first, it was little things- the Lanetian servant suddenly gaining a strong Gavellian accent...revealed by her divination spectacles to be...different.

Making her way around the room, she stopped for conversation with the newly weds, only to find herself on the receiving end of the sharp criticism of Lord Erik Varvinden, Lydia's father. After attempting to explain herself and her position to him, and thankful to some of those there present at least attesting the truth of her words, if not defending her, he stated that he would not trust her, but would harry her no longer this night.

It was not long after this that Hans and Sasien came to her, with the Celestial known as Trade, and were unusually surprised and excited to find that she could see them. Following Trade and the two disembodied Seekers (and reassuring both them and their friends that she would do what she could to help) they strode off into the night.

Outside there were many things going on- including a werewolf attack. It was not Bosdjan. But it did not attack her.
There was some trouble over in the woods, so leaving Hans and Sasien in Trade's capable hands, she went off to find out what the trouble was.

Following a strange spirit-light, there were some Seekers having trouble in the darkness. Making out the faces in the night, Syuzanna quickly recognised Divah, his friend Maelle, and none other than Erik Varvinden, and another face without a name.
Something attacks out of the black, hitting her arm and shoulder- but it does not harm her, and she challenges it, and it leaves the group alone. Varvinden and the small Seeker were trying to get the two druids back to the relative safety of the Lord's hall- but they were both quite insistent that they stay out in the forest until they had found the most beautiful herbs and flowers. When it was clear that they could not be dissuaded, she took matters into her own hands. Even Lord Erik was grateful for her assistance.

Returning the injured Father-of-the-Bride and the two confused druids to Pike's Hall, she came across more of the Seekers in a state of disarray. Someone was struggling with a shouting Cecil, trying to get him inside the building which he fearfully insisted was burning. Promising to see to him herself, she bid the Seeker help Leif with the Werewolf attacks, and sat the reporter down to calm him. After a few minutes he was much more like his usual self, and engaged in logical conversation, though still insisted the place was aflame. Leaving him in relative safety, she decided to enter the building herself, to find out what was going on- but took care that Mr. Osthorpe was not watching her, so as not to panic him again.

Inside the hall, the few remaining Seekers agreed that it would be safest to remain where they were, so as to avoid the strange goings on outside. Lord Pike agreed. They also made quite sure they had at least one healer remaining, so if any were injured outside, when they were retrieved they could be healed. The healer in question, a young Wave Lord follower (whom she may have tried to sway to the Wise One, on this night of all, especially) had a quiet conversation, in which she reassured him that his role was of utmost importance, and that he must believe in himself. This alone would help him in his task.
Content that these Seekers were probably as safe as they could be, Syuzanna agreed with them that she would go back outside, and do what she could to help. They would stay here, and stay alive.

Leif was running around like a whirlwind- still chasing off the white werewolf with mighty swings of his blade, but unfortunately the beast would continue to evade his best efforts. In between this, he was also catching any dazed and wandering Seekers, who seemed to be trying to get to the ritual circle. Cecil was sitting where she'd left him, his cold eyes watching the flames no-one else could see, with a strangely hypnotic gaze. Sitting beside him and breaking his trance, Syuzanna began to speak with him again- when she thought of something. Calling for Leif's blade, which he gave her, she enchanted it with the power of the air element, that should he land a blow on the wolf, he might lay it low. The warrior politely thanked her, and turned his sharp eyes back toward the treeline, in search of his foe.

Syuzanna decided that to further investigate this night, she must go to where the confused Seekers seemed now to all be heading- the Ritual Circle...

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Syuzanna, Herald of the Vampire Lords Empty Re: Syuzanna, Herald of the Vampire Lords

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